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Aimee is a teen librarian at the Tualatin Public Library in Tualatin, Oregon. She is known for her ability to knit during meetings and
generally tell it like it is.

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Dear Aimee,
I really didn’t like the Twilight Saga. I am an intellectual and that series hurt my brain, and not in a good way. Yet, once I finally picked it up I could not stop reading it, from the first longing looks to the mind-reading vampire/human half-breed. What is wrong with me?

Dear Twilight Un-Fan,
This sounds like brain candy overload. Un-Fan, have you ever eaten a candy you didn’t really like, but you ate it anyway, feeling bad the entire time? After you finished, you felt sick, but wanted more? Apparently that’s what you’ve experienced with Twilight. What you need is a big spinach salad with cheese, almonds, and fruit book to get you back on track. Not so healthy it makes your head hurt in a different way, but good enough that you feel better after finishing it! I would recommend City of Bones by Cassandra Clare or Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause. Another fun read is The Reformed Vampire Support group by Catherine Jinks. All of these are enjoyable, but a little higher on the healthy rating in my opinion. Good luck!