Teens Make Their Own Ugly Dolls

Aimee has offered the Ugly Dolls class not once, not twice, but THREE times in one calendar year!
Why? This class seems to have struck a nerve with the teens of Tualatin. LeBrie Rich, a Portland area Felt artist, has been teaching different craft classes for Tualatin Library for over a year now. Last year she came up with the idea of teaching teens how to make their own softies. I changed the name to Make Your Own Ugly Doll and we have hit a gold mine! She first taught the class over spring break in March and had 17 teens in attendance. I had an additional 12 who wanted to get in so I decided to start off our summer reading program with this class again. Again the class size was limited to 15 and we had 32 sign-up! We allowed 18 in that time since some were returnees finishing their dolls from the first class. LeBrie has agreed to teach the class again in October for the teens who haven’t been able to get in. I’m not even advertising the class. I’m calling the teens who have been waiting to get in and inviting them first!
The class is 3 ½ hours with a break for snacks and drinks. It begins with teens drawing their Ugly Dolls. They then create large sized graph paper and scale their creation up for the pattern. They add a seam allowance, cut the pattern and then pin it to the fabric. They cut the fabric, hand sew the dolls, stuff, and decorate. It is an amazingly fun and educational class that keeps the teens coming through the door! I hope all of you consider offering a class like this in the near future for your community of teens!

LeBrie Rich has been a great resource for teen programs, and she used to be one of Aimee’s teens in Eugene. Want to hire her for your library? Check out her website: