Schools deal with new technology

As I mentioned in my brief talk at the OYAN Geek Out! Program, I’ve been taking part in a technology planning project at the Beaverton School District over the past few months.  I tried to summarize some of the main trends that many schools are dealing with in my talk.  Some in attendance asked about the articles that I referenced.  Here are a few links to some of the research we have been looking at.
Mark R.

Edweek Article on schools allowing cell phones as instructional tools.

This is a State-wide online initiative that will offer students online alternatives.

This research comes from ESD 112 in WA and centered around classroom technology support instructional strategies.

6 Steps to Building a Successful School Laptop Program

The Learning Return on Our Educational Technology Investment:

Enterprise Wireless and Student-Owned Equipment:

What do they think?  Student thoughts on how schools can use technology more effectively to improve learning:
Please watch the video – there is a section where students share what would be most helpful for them in their learning.

Students Sound Off on School Tech Use from Education Week on Vimeo.

This article is a short explanation of how one school district used google apps to solve some of its tech problems.