A great book, too late to rave!

This is courtesy of Susan Smallsreed!

The Things a Brother Knows
by Dana Reinhardt
I’ve really enjoyed Reinhardt’s other books, so I was willing to try this one, although neither the cover or the jacket blurb were appealing.  It took a while before I finally opened it up.  Once I did, I couldn’t put it down.  Reinhardt treats the effects of war on both soldier and family, in a moving and warm style.  
I agree completely with this Booklist review:

 *Starred Review* In a Boston suburb, Levi’s older brother, Boaz, has just returned from fighting in some desert country half a world away. The U.S. Marines say Boaz is healthy, but Levi thinks otherwise…Levi misses Boaz as he remembers him…a high-school hero; a happy, well-adjusted son and grandson; and a difficult but still-wonderful older brother. Reinhardt’s poignant story of a soldier coping with survivor’s guilt and trauma, and his Israeli American family’s struggle to understand and help, is timely and honest. The clever, authentic dialogue beautifully captures the disparate dynamics of the family, friends, and marines in the brothers’ lives. Indeed, the characters seem so real that they may live in readers’ minds long after the final page is turned…this novel is not anchored in a specific war, but Reinhardt sensitively explores universal traumas that usurp the lives of many soldiers and their loved ones. Readers won’t soon forget Boaz and Levi’s search for understanding and the healing power of love.–Bradburn, Frances Copyright 2010 Booklist