Mock Printz contender – Imaginary Girls

By Nova Ren Suma

Chloe’s sister, Ruby, is the Queen Bee in their small town in upstate New York.  And I mean, Queen Bee.  Every guy wants to have her and every girl wants to be her, or near her at least.  Chloe’s pretty much Ruby’s shadow, which she’s okay with.  She loves Ruby and knows that Ruby loves her too.  In fact, Chloe knows she’s the only person Ruby has ever loved, despite all the boyfriends.  Ruby pretty much raised Chloe while mom hung out at the local tavern and both their dad’s disappeared.  It’s been just the two of them, thick as thieves and tightly as can be…until the night Chloe tried to swim across the reservoir and found a dead body.  That night changed everything and tore the sisters apart…at least for a little while.  Because Ruby will stop at nothing to bring Chloe home.  When Chloe does come home things are different.  Ruby has secrets.   What did it cost to bring Chloe home and who will pay the price?