Book Rave Contender 2012: My Favorite Band Does Not Exist

Lots of teens love geeking out about obscure bands…Idea’s band is so obscure that it doesn’t actually exist…or does it? He may also already be dead. Does this reality-bending rock n’ roll saga measure up to high standards of OYAN?

The Blurb:

Idea Deity believes that he exists in a novel written by an omnipotent author and that he will die in chapter 64. Reacher Mirage sings lead in the undercover rock band Youforia, a band that exists in Idea’s world as an Internet hoax that Idea himself perpetuated.
Beautiful and mysterious Eunice Truant links their destinies, and when they all meet within the pages of the epic fantasy novel Fireskull’s Revenant, the threat of chapter 64 looms large.
Being trapped in a bad book can be a nightmare—just ask Idea Deity.