Book Rave Contender 2012: This Girl is Different

Everyone look out! She’s ultra-liberal! Would a blog like this really be such a hit at a school? Does This Girl is Different pop or flop?

The Blurb:

Having inherited rabble-rousing genes from her ultra-liberal mother, homeschooled Evensong Sparkling Morningdew, who would rather be called Evie “for obvious reasons,” isn’t about to be a passive student when she tries out public school during her senior year. She is shocked by the institution’s conditions—”disgusting” bathrooms, no sunlight, and Styrofoam dishes in the cafeteria—and appalled by the faculty’s abuse of power. When her objections are ignored, she and two friends create a blog to encourage other students to speak up about injustices. The blog creates a stir, and as Evie’s peers jump on the bandwagon to point fingers of blame, feelings are hurt, and friendships and even teachers’ jobs are threatened. Offering a thorough examination of the pitfalls of protest and revolution in terms teens will understand, this smart first novel will likely spark discussions about authority abuse and crossing boundaries. Rather than judging Evie’s methods of precipitating change, Johnson reveals a broad spectrum of perspectives through her characters’ differing sentiments, motivations, and opinions. Authority figures, who Evie initially despises, make astute points throughout the novel.