Last Call for Book Rave Voting – Deadline Tuesday 1/15

Did you know that OYAN has just over 100 members, yet only about 25% vote for Book Rave?  That’s worse than national elections!  Have you taken a minute to vote yet? If not, do so now –

Or, have you already voted, but have since finished some additional Book Rave-nominated titles? You can go back to the same computer where you did your initial Book Rave voting and add votes.

And remember, you can vote “no” on a title you didn’t care for or think is inappropriate for the Book Rave.  It in effect will negate some one else’s “yes”vote.  We’re going cut-throat, people!

You can vote until January 15th (tomorrow!).   Be prepared to discuss, debate, and shimmy the results at the Winter Membership meeting – January 18, 2013 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Salem Public Library.