Mock Printz Countdown – Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily – Jodi Lynn Anderson

Tiger Lily Book Cover - girl in an orange dressPirates. Faeries. Dinosaurs. Lost boys. Peter Pan. Girls with hungry hearts and messy hair. Infinite youth with which to relive young love, heartache, and loss.

The dangers of Neverland are many. Watch your step – and your heart.

Told by the tempestuous faerie, Tinker Bell, this is the story of 15-year-old Tiger Lily, the before, during, and after of when she met infamous Peter Pan. Tiger Lily is, at times, regarded as tempting, dangerous, and cursed by the people in her village. An outcast in her close-knit tribe, they live in relative peace until Tiger Lily saves the life of a stranded, ship-wrecked Englander with the aging disease, and learns that she must marry the most lecherous and short-tempered man in her tribe. These two events send her life hurtling in a new direction…one that leads her to Peter Pan and the lost boys.

And that changes everything. As Tiger Lily’s wedding day nears, she finds herself spending more and more time on adventures with the lost boys and losing more and more of herself to their leader, Peter Pan. When tragedy strikes for Tiger Lily, her wild, hungry heart takes her down a dark path of death, betrayal, and heartbreak – a path that even always-loyal Tinker Bell might not follow.

This fantastical retelling is rich in characters, adventure, and complex relationships. Tiger Lily is an imperfect heroine  and yet, like Tinker Bell, you just may find yourself admiring, admonishing, and wanting to protect this fascinating leading lady.