Mock Printz Countdown – The Brides of Rollrock Island

Book cover of Brides of Rollrock Island - woman in long cloak standing in shallow ocean waterThe Brides of Rollrock Island
by Margo Lanagan

“There’s something about those Rollrock women, isn’t there?”

This is the story of Rollrock Island, told through the eyes and voices of various isle inhabitants. It’s the tale of the red-headed, seafaring dads; the mysterious, svelte, dark-haired mams; and a village filled only with sons. And of course, the sea witch, Misskaella. As well as the reason that no one comes to the island unless they live there…Rollrock men pull their wives, like their livelihoods, from the sea. Theirs are seal-wives, split magically from their seal bodies by Misskaella for a hefty sum. Rollrock mams bear and keep sons – the daughters they birth are not so lucky. And those sons grow up, learning from their dads all the ways they will try, and fail, to keep their mams and future wives happy on land when they belong to the sea.

It seems an unbreakable cycle…until young Daniel Mallet decides to take matters into his own hands, tired of all the oppressive unhappiness and suffering in his village and home. But, can one boy right the magically unnatural wrongs of generations? That’s for you to determine when you reach the end of this haunting, captivating story.