Mock Printz Countdown – Ask the Passengers

Ask the Passengers by AS King

Book cover for Ask the Passengers - a girl with arm raised lying on the ground, watching the skyAstrid Jones is a senior at Unity Valley High in a gossip-ridden small town filled with even smaller-minded people.

They say: Why does perfect Kristina Houck hang around that weird girl?

They say: How could anyone be friends with someone as strange as Astrid Jones?

As if the town’s rejection isn’t hard enough, Astrid lives with her caustically critical mother, her socially paranoid, reputation-obsessed sister, and her new-to-stonerhood dad. There is no love for Astrid at home, at school, or in town. So, she takes up a solitary hobby – staring at planes flying overhead and sending her love (and huge, finding-herself questions) to the passengers. And, she finds herself facing bigger and bigger questions as she discovers who she is as a person – someone who loves other girls – and realizes that there is no room in the hearts of her townspeople for someone like her.

Little does Astrid know, though, the very real impact her streams of love have on the passengers who receive them. Just as she is figuring out her own life by sending her love away, so is she changing others’ lives forever in significant ways.

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