Mock Printz Countdown – Final Title!!!

This is it! Mock Printz takes place tomorrow, Saturday 1/26 and this is the final installment in the series of book reviews covering each title.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina book cover - sketch of a Bavarian-style town with cathedral, clock tower, castle, and flying dragonSeraphina, as her name suggests, has the musical talent of an angel. She avoids sharing her gifts with the others at court because she doesn’t want to attract attention to herself. Seraphina is not just a gifted musician…she also has a terrible secret. With the approaching celebration of the 40-year peace between the Goreddi, Seraphina’s people, and the dragons, she finds herself drawn increasingly more into the limelight. Torn between loyalty to her human peers and her close dragon acquaintances, Seraphina struggles as war looms and she learns more and more about her lineage, with all the unique abilities – and burdens – it brings with it. Can she help bridge the centuries-old grudges between the two species? Can she save her family and herself? Can she find love…and possibly even earn love in return?

This gripping story is set in a unique, rich world with complex characters, including a host of very intriguing dragons, and will keep you hanging on until you find out what happens next.