Graphic Rave Voting Round Two

By Tracie Glass

At the Summer OYAN meeting held in the beautiful Crook County Library (thanks for hosting us, Barratt!), we determined 9 of the 15 titles needed for this year’s Graphic Rave.  I’d like us to do a revote on the manga titles (none of them got enough votes to move them forward) and the superhero titles.  We have 6 spots left, and we need 3 manga titles and 3 superhero titles as per the Graphic Rave criteria requirements.  Manga – choose your 3 favorite titles – simple enough.  Superheroes – choose 3, but please keep in mind equal gender representation (aka let’s have at least 1 female superhero make the cut) and publisher equality.  So, read, read, read!  Since I’m a little late getting the survey out (story of my life), you’ll have until September 8, 2014 to get your votes in.  Here’s the link to the survey:

And, stay tuned…I’ll debut the 2014 Graphic Rave list right here for all you OYANers on September 9th!