Hot Topic: Summer Reading Clubs/Programs

Sonja Somerville, Salem Public Library

Cabin Life (MSA) by Missouri State Archives, on Flickr

Cabin Life (MSA) by Missouri State Archives, on Flickr

Whatever you call it, we’d all like to see teens keeping up those skills and exercising their brains by read-read-reading all summer long. But just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are myriad ways to structure an incentive program.

  • What is the plan at your library?
  • Do you give prizes and incentives? When? To whom?
  • How are they earned?
  • Do you have events?
  • Passive programs?
  • Kick offs?
  • Wrap ups?

Share here and come back to see what others are doing. You may find the perfect idea to beef up, start up, spice up, streamline, or re-tool at your library.

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  1. •What is the plan at your library?

    -Teens going into grade 6 up through just graduated high school read for 15 hours and mark a log sheet, then return it to the library. We start the program on June 1st and allow sign-ups until the middle/end of July. Prizes are given starting July 1st until mid-August.

    •Do you give prizes and incentives? When? To whom?

    -Yes! Anyone who signs up gets a Bullwinkle’s mini-golf / kids’ playland coupon. Every person who completes their 15-hour reading log gets their choice of a book or $5 Powell’s gift card. They also get a number of coupons to places like Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and a coupon for a reduced-price rides bracelet to Oaks Park. Some of the coupons are sponsored by Washington County Libraries, and others are exclusive to the Beaverton City Library.
    In addition, we also encourage teens to submit book reviews both in-person and online. Each week, we randomly draw 10 reviews. If they are drawn, we call or e-mail the teen and they get to come and pick out a random $5, $10 or $15 gift card to different businesses like Target, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Century 16, etc. etc. They are all good :). Some of the cards are donated, but we purchase most of them.

    •How are they earned?

    See above 🙂

    •Do you have events?

    Yes! Allllllll summer!

    •Passive programs?

    Wii U in the Teen Room

    •Kick offs?

    We hold a lawn party with games, tie-dye and Voodoo Donuts each year when we start giving out the prizes in July. It’s a fun event that we’ve done two years in a row.

    •Wrap ups?

    Nothing specific, although we continue to have summer reading programs all the way up through August.

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