Fall Workshop and Meeting Recap

wilsonville-public-libraryNot able to join us for the fall workshop and the following membership meeting on Friday, October 21st at the Wilsonville Public Library? Allow this post to catch you up!

Fall workshop: outcomes-based evaluation in teen services

Katie Anderson, Youth Services Consultant at the State Library, began the day with a workshop on using outcomes-based evaluation in teen services. She led participants in understanding what outcomes-based evaluations are (and how outcomes differ from outputs), why outcomes are useful, and the process for developing them within a general planning framework. She then had participants craft outcomes for a teen event or service they were planning and engaged the group in a discussion of those outcomes as well as metrics for measuring them.

She also recommended additional resources for understanding and using outcomes-based evaluation in teen library work:

After the workshop, Katie sent her slides and handouts to the OYAN listserv:

Membership meeting

As always, the membership meeting started with introductions, including what everyone is currently reading, and approving the minutes from our last meeting. After that, Ian gave a budget report and the membership voted to approve allocating $150 to the CSLP video contest (since CSLP will no longer be providing prizes). Bobbye ran through what happened at the OYAN exec meeting in September, Ian formally announced the OYAN exec board for the coming year, and Bobbye reported back about OLA business.

Katie delivered a report updating everyone on State Library business and potential upcoming legislation and the impact that will have on Ready to Read grants. No decisions have been made yet, and Katie will keep youth library staff updated as things progress. She also reported on the latest Focus Institute as well as Summer Reading. Details on Katie’s reports are in the draft minutes.

The meeting proceeded on to a discussion of how to discuss “serious topics” (such as race, sexuality and gender identity, and disability) with teens and then a resource sharing period where people could share their successful programs and initiatives.

Finally, exec board members reported back about the OLA 2017 conference, ILAGO, ORCA, CSLP, Book Rave, Mock Printz, and OYAN publications. The group decided to start a Facebook group (in favor of the page) and allocate money for this blog to go ad-free.

For details on all of these topics, see the draft minutes of this meeting. If you notice any errors, please let Amy Grimes know so corrections can be made in time for the approval at the next meeting.

And speaking of upcoming meetings, here are the dates and times for the next three!

If you can’t make these meetings in person, you can always attend virtually. Information on how to do so will be shared on the OYAN listserv and this blog ahead of each meeting.