Congratulations to OYEA winner Megan Hoak!

A photograph of a young white woman with red hair. She is wearing glasses and is looking up and to the left with her chin propped in her hand.Congratulations to the 2017 OYEA (OYAN’s You’re Excellent Award) winner Megan Hoak! Megan is the Teen Services Coordinator at the Dalles-Wasco County Public Library and, by the testimonials below from her teens, we’re convinced that she’s crushing it. She’s committed to her community, and it shows in both big and small ways. Read on to hear directly from her teens.

One teen wrote about her, “Megan Hoak is the best teen librarian I know. She knows what the community wants, and when she doesn’t she isn’t afraid to ask.”

In a handwritten note, another teen said:

She inspires me to do my best, and I know she’ll listen to me if I have problems and try to help. I have trouble talking because I think I might say something wrong but I’ll do my best and get over my fear for her because I think she deserves the best in the whole entire world!

One of her teen volunteers had a lot of great things to say about her:

Megan Hoak is a strong, positive impact on me, the teens in our community, and our library. In the three years I’ve known her, she’s completely revamped the library’s teen services, created countless programs and groups based on popular suggestions and ideas, and turned the library into a space where teens feel welcome, loved, and encouraged.


She also loves helping teens learn about, pursue, and share their interests with others in the community through the library. There are currently several teen-run programs she encouraged and supports. For example, she helped some friends and I start a fiber arts guild for youth that meets at the library every other week and is running strong.


On the technology front, she’s delved into some completely new territory for our library — we’re in the process of building a teen space in the library funded by a grant she wrote, complete with “maker” (science and art) kits, a music- and vide-recording studio, and extra computers.


She cares deeply about us, and continues to be there for us to help work through whatever we’re dealing with. She’s touched countless lives.

And yet another teen highlighted the personal impact she had on him:

The multiple times I’ve forgotten to bring my coat, she would always tell me to bring a coat. She would show concern by going off on how many coats I need to wear or how I could get hypothermia but as usual I would still forget them. Until she finally got so worried that she got me a coat. […] She has also been helping me with college applications and getting financial help. I bet if I didn’t have her help I wouldn’t have ever been ready for college. She’s one of the best teen advisors I know and one of my best friends.

Congratulations, Megan! The award is so well-deserved.