2021 Supporting Teen Mental Health (Part 1)

Julie Tibbetts: One thing I did at Lebanon Public Library was put up an interactive teen “Take What You Need” bulletin board. Teens are encouraged to take little notes of encouragement. I displayed mental health related books by the bulletin board. We are Handing out Teen Zen Take & Makes during spring break. The kit will contain materials to make a mini-Zen garden, mint tea, lollipop, and information about things teens can do to help with stress and anxiety.

Ruth Allen: Multnomah County Library published a blog post about Talking with teens about mental health. It includes some articles about how distance learning and the pandemic are impacting teens’ mental health and resources, such as Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.

Caitlin McMahan: At the Fern Ridge Library, I’ve been including some programs around de-stressing. I’ve done a few asynchronous coloring programs, encouraging teens to put on their favorite music, get a tasty snack and just sit and color. I’ve also done a few scavenger hunt programs over the past year to get kids outside and exploring nature.

Mark Richardson: Cedar Mill Community Library’s take and make next month (big test month) is a stress ball and I’m working on finding a yoga relaxation instructor for a virtual program.