YALSA opportunity: write for the YALSA blog!

The logo of YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services AssociationYALSA is looking for bloggers! This is a great way to get involved without having to travel to conferences, so if you’re a YALSA member, check out these details from their recruitment post:

We are looking for bloggers interested in writing about any of the following topics:

  • Connected Learning
  • Competencies for librarians/library workers engaging youth/li>
  • Advocacy/li>
  • Leadership in customer service/li>
  • Whole-library approach to serving teens/li>
  • Innovative programming/li>
  • Equity and diversity/li>
  • Youth participation/li>
  • Professional development/li>
  • Technology/li>
  • Administration/li>
  • Partnerships/li>
  • Spaces (physical & virtual)/li>
  • Evaluation/measuring outcomes and impact/li>
  • Teen trends/pop culture/li>
  • Research

We are also looking for bloggers interested in Instagram of the Week.

If you are interested in blogging please fill out the YALSA Volunteer Form (make sure to check the YALSAblog box) and the interest survey.

For more information check out the Blogger Guidelines and Blog Post Protocols.

We know there are Oregon librarians doing awesome work for and with teens — now’s your chance to tell the world! And who knows, you could win an award for it like Danielle Jones!

Don’t forget: meeting and workshop on 10/20

Posted on behalf of Julie Jeanmard:

It’s workshop time for OYAN and CSD!

Join OYAN on Friday, October 20 at the Tualatin Public Library for the fall meeting from 11 am-2 pm and a workshop on QPR, a suicide prevention training with presenter Cindy Womack, from 3-5 pm. RSVP to youthservices@cottagegrove.org.

Continue the fun with CSD on Saturday, October 21 at the Sherwood Public Library for the fall meeting from 10:30 am-12 pm and a workshop from 1-5 pm. The afternoon includes a presentation from movement and music expert Iris Nason, as well as brainstorming for next summer’s theme: Libraries Rock! Register online by October 15.

OYAN Graphic Rave 2017 winners!

Every year, OYAN members choose their favorite graphic novels for teens of the year with an eye for balance across genre, format, protagonist identity, and content and with special consideration for smaller or independent as well as Pacific Northwest publishers. (For details, see the official selection process.)

The votes have been counted; here are this year’s winners!

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Nominations open for the 2018 OYAN Book Rave

Posted on behalf of Sonja Somerville of the Salem Public Library (with slight modifications for publication on the blog):

I am pleased and excited to invite you to nominate a book … or 2 … or many for the 2018 OYAN Book Rave.

Book Rave is an annual list produced by the members of the Oregon Young Adult Network and announced at the Oregon Library Association’s annual conference in April. Books nominated should be written and marketed for readers of middle and high school age (generally 6th-12th grade) and be published between November 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017.

To make this process even more awesome, I have developed a Google Form for the purpose of collecting nominations.

So that you are quite prepared, the form asks for title and author, date of publication, genre, tags, and a short synopsis.

It will allow you to nominate one book at a time, but feel free to use it again and again! The more everyone nominates, the fewer times I bug you with reminder.

Nominations will be collected until early December 2017. Members will then be invited to vote on the nominated books through mid-January 2018, narrowing the list to approximately 20 OYAN Book Rave selections. The list is further discussed at the winter meeting of the Oregon Young Adult Network.

Please nominate early and often!!

If you have any questions, I am easily reached at ssomerville@cityofsalem.net.

Finding Funding: YALSA grants

Golden dollar bill signs hang from fishing line, dark shadows cast behind themIt can be tough to find funding for all of the great ideas you want to make happen at your library. In this occasional series, we’ll highlight different funding sources you may not know about or may not know how to tap.

Every year, YALSA offers almost $200,000 in grants and awards, and if you’re a YALSA member, you may be eligible for many of them. Here are some highlights:
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Call for fall newsletter content

From Keli Yeats, Publications Manager:

Between the end of summer reading, the beginning of the school year, the eclipse, and forest fires all over the state, I know that the Fall OYAN newsletter isn’t on anyone’s mind. But I’d like to put it on your mind. With so much going on, we have a lot to share with each other. Let your colleagues know about how you’re dealing with all these happenings in your community and send me a short article to share.

Vote for the Graphic Rave list by September 11th!

From Traci Glass:

Survey Monkey is ready to start taking your votes for the 2017 Graphic Rave!

Please refer to the spreadsheet for more information about each nominated title. There is a choice for a “no” vote. If you feel strongly that a nominated book does not deserve to be a part of the Graphic Rave, please vote no. Please, please only use the “no” vote if you feel a certain book is very inappropriate for this list — not just something you don’t personally like or didn’t read. I’ll subtract no votes from the yes votes to get a total. If you like a title, vote yes! Survey Monkey uses IP addresses to remember users; you’ll be able to add votes as you keep reading nominated titles, as well as see how you’ve already voted (assuming you always vote from the same computer).

This first round of voting will end on September 11. If we don’t meet our criteria with the list of titles generated by the first round of voting, there might be a second round of voting — I’ll let you know!

Thanks for voting, and let me know if you have any questions!