Congratulations to OYEA winner Megan Hoak!

A photograph of a young white woman with red hair. She is wearing glasses and is looking up and to the left with her chin propped in her hand.Congratulations to the 2017 OYEA (OYAN’s You’re Excellent Award) winner Megan Hoak! Megan is the Teen Services Coordinator at the Dalles-Wasco County Public Library and, by the testimonials below from her teens, we’re convinced that she’s crushing it. She’s committed to her community, and it shows in both big and small ways. Read on to hear directly from her teens.

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Nominate someone for the 2017 OYEA!

Nomination for the 2017 OYEA (OYAN You’re Excellent Award) are open now! Details from Ian Duncanson:

It’s time to nominate someone for OYAN’s prestigious OYEA Award!

Here’s the lowdown:

WHO: An individual, library, organization, program, or initiative that has made a positive and significant contribution to teens in libraries in the state of Oregon may be given the award. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. The individual, library, or organization shall reside or operate principally in Oregon.
  2. Only living persons may be considered for the award.
  3. If a program or initiative is being nominated, it must have occurred within the previous or current year of nomination.

Preference shall be given to nominees who are supported by a letter of recommendation written and submitted by a teen.

I’ll need the following information:

  • Nominee’s name
  • Nominee’s contact information
  • Description of the nominee’s positive and significant contributions to teens in libraries in the State Of Oregon.

Please send your nominations to me by March 15, 2017.

This Year’s OYEA! Winner is Amy Wilde

Congratulations are due to Amy Wilde, librarian at Cascade Middle School in Bend. Amy is the 2016 winner of OYAN’s You’re Excellent Award (OYEA!), which was presented at the Oregon Library Association’s annual conference in April. In addition to her varied work in the school library, Amy was commended for teaching engaging lessons on research and leading the school’s Where Everyone Belongs group of student leaders who organize welcoming activities and teach lessons to other students. She is, it was noted, innovative, resourceful, and inspiring to be around.

Amy was nominated by April Witteveen of the Deschutes Public Library with the support of her colleagues and many, many students who wrote heartfelt letters detailing how Amy has impacted their lives as readers and as people. Just some of their compliments for her included:

  • She has helped many readers like me fall deeper in love with reading.
  • She spends so much time making sure things are orderly in the library and everywhere else.
  • She shows true compassion for all students.
  • Her enthusiasm fills the room and seeps in to those around her.
  • She is honest, supportive, focused, humorous, committed, positive, creative, and passionate.
  • She showed me how awesome the book collection at the library is, but also created awesome after school, before school, and during lunch programs like lunch n’ movies, movie nights, and multiple clubs.
  • Everyone at our school – reader or not – knows who Mrs. Wilde is. Not just because she is silly or crazy, but because, no matter who you are, Mrs. Wilde can find a book for you.
  • Amy has an amazing collection of crazy hats, wigs, and silly costumes that can bring a smile to even the toughest teen’s face.
  • [Miss Wilde has taught me] we should not be judged by our differences, we should embrace them. I may not be the same, but that is not bad. Mrs. Wilde has taught me the word unique, and unique is a beautiful word.


Let’s meet up at OLA

Join us at Riverbend Brewing Sports Pub (within walking distance from the convention center) on Thursday at 5:30 pm for free snacks and the announcement of OYAN’s OYEA (OYAN You’re Excellent Award) recipient. Stick around a bit to talk books, libraries and anything else!

Riverbend Brewing is located at 2650 NE Division Street Bend, OR 97701.  it is about an 8 minute walk from the Riverhouse at the corner of Hwy 97 and Division St, across the road from the river.