OYAN Review: Teen Review: Odd & True

This post is an article from the Fall 2017 issue of the OYAN Review and has been edited slightly for publication on the blog. It was written by teen reviewer Emily at the Cedar Mill Community Library.

Note: Author Cat Winters will be visiting the Cedar Mill Library on November 8th to talk about her books with teens and tweens at 3pm.

Fast Facts:
Book: Odd & True by Cat Winters
Published: September 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Recommended for: Fans of mystery, adventure, historical fiction, fantasy
Rating: 5/5 stars

Odette has spun mystical, magical tales for her younger sister Trudchen ever since they were little. Now that she’s older, however, Tru is starting to lose the magic from these stories. She’s realizing that they were nothing more than just that, stories. Od was just trying to comfort Tru through the long, worrisome nights and Tru’s constant pain from the effects of “a bout of fevers.” Tru seems destined to a life at home with her aunt, until one night when Od shows back up at her window. Od tells Tru that all those magical stories that they shared long into the night were, in fact, very true. Monsters roam the world and, if the girls aren’t careful, they could be in grave danger. The sisters embark on a magical journey across the United States to find their monster hunting mother at the turn of the 20th Century. Danger and red herrings follow them at every turn as they learn of their true powers and destiny.

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OYAN Review: Teen Review: Far From Fair

This post is an article from the Fall 2016 issue of the OYAN Review and has been edited slightly for publication on the blog. It was written by teen reviewer Mahadevan at the Cedar Mill Community Libraries.

A headshot of the teen who wrote the book review in this post. He is standing in front of a white brick wall and wears glasses and a navy polo. He has brown skin and dark hair and is smiling slightly.Book: Far From Fair by Elana K. Arnold
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Recommended Age Range: 9-12 years
Rating: 4/5 stars
Publication: 2016

Far From Fair is the story of sixth grade Odette Zyskowski and how her parents decide to uproot their family from their home in California. They take a family vacation in the beat up “Coach” so that they can visit their sick Grandma Sissy in Washington. Nothing seems to go right for Odette, not when she has to sell a lot of her belongings, has to leave her best friend behind, or even when the family phone gets dropped in the ocean! This story chronicles Odette’s journey to understanding that life isn’t always fair and how we all must live with both the good and the bad.

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