What is Milton-Freewater Public Library doing for teens? By Rhina Barahona


Milton-Freewater Public Library has just started a new monthly teen craft night. The craft night consists of doing activities such as painting, jewelry making and many other fun projects. The teens are able to let loose and use their creativity to make something of their own while having a good time with other teens and making new friends.

The teens responded very positively. They were excited that finally there was something for teens to do and they really liked the projects that I had suggested. The parents were very excited as well to see their teens wanting to come to the library for this event.

Before starting a teen program you should:

  • Build relationships with the older kids that come to the library.
  • As for their opinions about what they would like to see done.
  • Ask them questions to make them feel like they are contributing to the program.
  • When you start the program advertise it throughout the library and online. Remind older kids that are checking out books about the new program and let them know what it’s about.

Written by Rhina Barahona


Milton-Freewater Public Library’s 2016-2017 statistics from the State Library of Oregon:

  • County: Umatilla
  • Population: 9,872
  • Registered borrowers: 4,033
  • Total library visits: 30,000
  • Total library hours in a typical week: 48
  • Total paid staff: 3.96

Learn more about Milton-Freewater Public Library via their website and facebook page.

Want to share what your library is doing for teens? Contact Katie Anderson.

My strange summer discovery: Teens LOVE Perler Beads

by Sonja Somerville, Salem Public Library

perler dispicableIt all started because I needed an activity and we had SO MANY Perler Beads and I was looking for a third station for a craft program. My small stroke of genius was investing a few hours in looking up and printing “teen interest” Perler Bead patterns.

There are hundreds. I found:

  • Dr. Who themes
  • Hello Kitty
  • Minecraft
  • My Little Pony
  • Angry Birds
  • Super Mario
  • Hunger Games
  • Despicable Me
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Star Wars

The teens flocked to the table, boys and girls alike. I could hardly pry them away from the table at the end of the night. It was so popular, I trotted it all out again at our End-of-Summer Party where kids were so desperate for access, they were sitting on the floor with their trays of beads and Perler boards just to get in on the fun.