OYAN Graphic Rave 2017 winners!

Every year, OYAN members choose their favorite graphic novels for teens of the year with an eye for balance across genre, format, protagonist identity, and content and with special consideration for smaller or independent as well as Pacific Northwest publishers. (For details, see the official selection process.)

The votes have been counted; here are this year’s winners!

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Vote for the Graphic Rave list by September 11th!

From Traci Glass:

Survey Monkey is ready to start taking your votes for the 2017 Graphic Rave!

Please refer to the spreadsheet for more information about each nominated title. There is a choice for a “no” vote. If you feel strongly that a nominated book does not deserve to be a part of the Graphic Rave, please vote no. Please, please only use the “no” vote if you feel a certain book is very inappropriate for this list — not just something you don’t personally like or didn’t read. I’ll subtract no votes from the yes votes to get a total. If you like a title, vote yes! Survey Monkey uses IP addresses to remember users; you’ll be able to add votes as you keep reading nominated titles, as well as see how you’ve already voted (assuming you always vote from the same computer).

This first round of voting will end on September 11. If we don’t meet our criteria with the list of titles generated by the first round of voting, there might be a second round of voting — I’ll let you know!

Thanks for voting, and let me know if you have any questions!

Nominations open for Graphic Rave 2017!

From Traci Glass:

Photograph of vintage illustration featuring classic comics characters with the text COMICS: READ ONE TODAY!Guess what? It’s time for Graphic Rave nominations (sorry this is a bit late)!! For those of you who are new to OYAN or just forgotten, the Graphic Rave is OYAN’s annual list of the best graphic novels, comics and manga for teens. The process will be almost, if not totally, identical to the process we all go through to come up with our Book Rave list.

Only books published from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017 can be included on the 2017 Graphic Rave.

Here are the requirements of the list:

  • A wide variety of genres is desirable. It may include fantasy, suspense, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, romance, sports, adventure, animal stories, growing up, contemporary realism, poetry and non-fiction. The following will be mandatory each year:
    • At least one non-fiction title
    • At least three titles published by a non-major publisher.
    • At least three titles published by publisher located in the Pacific Northwest.
    • At least three trade collections of comics originally released as separate issues.
    • At least three titles created in the manga style.
    • At least three titles should be published by a major publisher.
  • A variety of books for younger and older teens must be included.
  • A balance between male and female protagonists is desirable.
  • Only one book per author, per genre will be included.
  • Only one title in a series will be considered per year (it does not need to be the first volume).
  • The list should reflect multicultural diversity.

When nominating a book, please include the author, title, genre, month and year of publication and publisher. Send all nominations to traci.l.glass@ci.eugene.or.us. The last day to nominate a title is August 1st.

Here are some official dates to remember:

  • August 1: Nominations close.
  • August 15: Preliminary voting opens.
  • September 15: Preliminary voting closes.