Let’s Invent – Teen Mini-maker Fair

by Teena Nelson, Driftwood Public Library

The Driftwood Public Library’s Teen Time Thursday’s “Let’s Invent”. Teen’s had the opportunity to create a variety of maker projects. Here’s a list of the materials used for each of the type of projects.


Bristle bot: One head of toothbrush, One tiny motor, One tiny battery, Double sided tape (other things to create balance),Lego maze to race through (optional).

Art Bot: One piece of swim noodle -about four inches(pink or green type), One motor (electric toothbrush motor or other), Electrical tape, 3 marker pens with lids on (legs), fun embellishments (eyes, hair, feathers etc).

Fun with MakeyMakey: makeymakey kit, laptop, other things (bananas, playdoh,pencils, paper, friends etc).

Snap circuits: snap circuits.

Motorized car: Tongue depressors/popsicle  sticks, Battery (9 volt or 2-3 AA batteries, Motor,  Wires/paper clips,  Plastic cup, plastic caps, plastic scrap.

Potato Clock: Two potatoes, Two galvanized nails, two lengths of copper wire, One small battery operated clock (battery removed).