ORCA Awards Voting Now Open

From Stuart Levy, ORCA Chair:

“With tomorrow beingMarch, people can officially start to vote for their favorite Oregon Reader’s
Choice Award book.

Please encourage your students and your patrons to vote for their favorite ORCA
book. As long as they have read 2 or more books in any of the 3 divisions, then
they are allowed to vote in that division. Since there were a number of
crossover books, any student who competed in OBOB is eligible to vote in the

People have until March 31st to vote. Please collect the votes
at your school or library. There are paper ballots that you can download from
the ORCA website (http://www.olaweb.org/orca),
or you can create your own. You also could do an electronic ballot, if you
would rather. I have made a Google form for my students to use for voting that
I am willing to share. Google has now changed how they can be shared, so you
cannot easily just use mine. If you want an electronic ballot, which you can
modify to only show some of the divisions, please email me with your Google
account and I can make one for you. (Yes, you have to have a Google account to
use this particular electronic ballot.)

Once you have the votes for your building all tallied, please submit them using
this Google form: http://bit.ly/orca2014 .
Please submit your overall votes by April 4th.

Thank you SO much for promoting reading through the Oregon Reader’s Choice
Award. Later in April we will announce the winners, plus the titles for the
2015 ORCA Divisions.”